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Learn more about Velosidy™, Finvi's revolutionary collections and payments platform that will rock your collections world.

No One Understands the Process of Getting Paid Better Than We Do

We've been in this business from the very start. And at Finvi, we're here to put those years of experience to use for you. With a 40+ year history of developing workflow and payments solutions, we have partnered with thousands of clients to help them streamline and accelerate revenue recovery. Whatever your business, wherever your challenges, find your path with us.

What Makes Us Different?

A seamlessly integrated, AI-driven workflow platform


AI & Machine Learning

Data insights that breathe new life into your contact strategies.

Payment Processing Flexibility

Payments are streamlined and simplified within a single source of truth. Fully embed our payment capabilities into your workflow with the Finvi Workflow Platform or integrate Finvi Payments into your software offering.

Omnichannel Engagement

Meet people where they are on their payment journey.

“Over 16 years of working with them, we know what to expect. Finvi has a proven record of providing excellent services and support… When Finvi comes out with a new application, I want to take advantage of it because I know not only will I get real-time integration, but I will also get the partnership and support that I need.”
Chris Taylor

Controller and Chief Information Officer at NES

"Artiva HCx is really the platform that allows us to bring innovative thoughts and ideas to the market.”
Tom Yoder

Director of Business Development at BC Services

Finvi’s Online Payment Solution can help you and your clients achieve your goals.

Advance your competitive advantage with integrated payments & merchant services

Integrate your existing platform with Finvi's payments solution to provide flexible payment options including online, in-person, and text-to-pay. Let us handle the support, training, and security while you deliver frictionless, digital payment options to your clients.

Because Innovation Happens All Around

For those who push the boundaries of tech on all fronts, we are proud to partner with leading organizations across a number of industries, allowing our customers to build the foundation of their operations on Finvi.

Why Choose Finvi?


Automated Smart Workflows

Improve efficiency with intelligent, data-driven workflows that drive your ability to create scalable, repeatable processes.

AI & Machine Learning

Improve outreach with dynamic scoring and advanced segmentation, and ensure you're working accounts with the highest-potential yield.

Omnichannel Communications

Increase the likelihood of contact and speed of payments through modern communication and self-service channels.


Embedded Payments Processing

Eliminate the costs, delays, and risks associated with multiple vendors through a simplified, integrated payments solution.


Third-Party Integration

Supplement your Finvi platform with the add-ons that matter to your business through our growing third-party library.


Improve your compliance processes-backed by Finvi's compliance expertise-by automating regulatory readiness directly into your workflow.

Find Your Path to Resolution

We know your business is complicated. That's why-based on Finvi's core workflow platform-we've thoughtfully designed our solutions to address the specific challenges of each industry we serve.

Not sure where to start? Let's talk. Our business consultants can get you started on your direct path to resolution.

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