RCM Software for Outsourcers

With revenue cycle tasks growing in complexity and RCM staffing shortages on the rise, more healthcare providers are looking to outsourcers for help. Choose Finvi's RCM software for outsourcers to get the competitive advantage you need.


Finvi's RCM software for outsourcers, designed to handle the complex needs of managing multiple clients and business lines, accelerates revenue and transforms the payment journey for your clients and their patients.

Revenue cycle management outsourcers operate in a difficult and ever-changing environment, but with our RCM solutions, you can create a more direct path to payment and improve results that span the revenue cycle continuum.

Learn how-through intelligent, data-driven workflows-Finvi's RCM software for outsourcers can help you increase productivity, automate and centralize workflow, manage increased inventory, reduce denials, and accelerate financial results.

Calls Resulting in Patient Connects

Making data-driven decisions

Simplified data navigation

Our RCM solutions allow for configurable aggregation of patient, payer, and account level data across 250+ data points, all in a centralized platform. With system agnostic bi-directional integration, we help you create a seamless workflow environment with easily digestible performance KPI's at your fingertips.

Intelligent workflows

Finvi's RCM software for outsourcers provides automated, optimized account presentation that aligns with your business strategy. Through RPA and AI technologies, our solutions drive the highest probability of payment and value with dynamic propensity to pay and best time to contact information prioritized directly into your contact strategies.

Accelerating your results

Improved collections

Maximize each dollar collected by reducing the hours it takes to collect. You can reduce denials and write-offs with pre-determined account presentation, expand your inventory with the ability to manage complex billing frequencies, and reduce time spent on like accounts by working multiple claims simultaneously.

Scalable and repeatable processes

Our RCM software for outsourcers offers a simple user interface, as well as plug and play configurations, to help you create consistent, streamlined processes and speed onboarding for both new clients and new employees.

Revenue Recovery Rate
Average # Accounts Worked Per Hour increased from 5-8

Maximizing your resources

Automated, centralized work environment

With multiple vendor systems integrated into a single platform, you eliminate the navigation slowdowns that hamper your staff.  Redundant task automation driven by RPA and AI technologies, along with embedded patient engagement tools that drive patient self-service, free your staff to focus on higher value activities.

Flexible configurations

Finvi's flexible RCM solutions help you to easily adapt to the unique needs of your clients and business lines. And with extensive supervisor-level controls, you have the ability to make real-time adjustments as your needs and volumes shift.

"We fell in love with Artiva and Finvi because they not only delivered software; they delivered a full toolset we could use to create a competitive edge."

Scott Miller
Director of Strategy and Innovation
BC Services

We offer a streamlined revenue cycle management system to meet your every need


Workforce Performance Management

System-agnostic performance visibility


Omnichannel Patient Engagement

Modern, personal, digital patient communication channels


Bad-Debt Solutioning

Intelligent collections workflow

Workforce performance management

Our EHR-friendly solution focuses on workforce performance management while allowing your staff to conduct tasks directly within your client's preferred system.

Don't leave money on the table because of productivity blind spots-augment your clients' HIS investment with Finvi's workforce performance management suite to monitor performance that spans the revenue cycle, and allows you to expand the services you provide, as well as your business lines.

Omnichannel Patient Engagement

Make it easier for patients to pay and accelerate the path to account resolution with Finvi's omnichannel engagement tools.

Our embedded patient engagement tools help you increase the likelihood of contact and speed of payments through modern communication and self-service channels.

Bad-Debt Solutioning

As patient pay balances move from early out to bad debt, you need a solution that is built with compliance in mind. The recognized leader in the ARM industry for over 40 years, Finvi understands the continually evolving technical and legal demands that come with collecting on bad debt-and we've put those decades of experience into our intelligent, all-in-one workflow platform for the ARM industry.

Our collection software platform streamlines workflow by infusing intelligence into your processes to increase efficiency-all while helping you manage compliance by automating it into your workflow to cover industry, state and federal regulations.

Discover the power of Finvi's RCM software for outsourcers