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Software Vulnerability Update (CVE-2021-44228):

Finvi is tracking a new vulnerability which affects the Java logging log4j library. Download our advisory from the Finvi Community site, or contact your Client Success Manager or log a support ticket for a copy.


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Finvi Community

You can visit the Finvi Community to log cases for support, collaborate with your peers and Finvi employees in discussion topics and discussion groups, and review knowledge base articles and other documentation about your current products and services.

Product Support for Artiva HCx®, Artiva HC®, Artiva RM®, FACS®, Contact Savvy® and Guaranteed Contacts®: 765 . 751 . 7200

Product Support for The Collector System®, RevQ®, ManageMed®, RPCS®, Ajility® and Finvi Payments (formerly SwervePay): 800 . 488 . 4420


Building Automation Bots? Let a Vendor Do It

It is incumbent on RCM leaders to bring in a trusted vendor to build and manage automation bots. Not only will it take some burden off your IT team, but it will make your RCM operations more efficient in a shorter time than if you tried to do it yourself.

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RCM Technology: Helping Manage Medicaid Redetermination

It is incumbent on hospitals and healthcare organizations to help patients understand their coverage options, as…

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Frivolous Disputes and Duplicative Disputes

Frivolous Disputes and Duplicative Disputes: A Case of Reconcilable Differences

Helping third-party debt collectors understand the difference between a frivolous dispute under the FCRA and a duplicative dispute under Regulation F.

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