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Choose the collection software that drives better results with full omnichannel orchestration, true machine learning, built-in compliance and auditability and a powerful strategy engine.

Collection software that delivers impact

Banks, Lenders, and Enterprise Collect More, Recover Faster!

Finvi's Katabat platform is the leading digital-native, omnichannel, full-suite debt collection software for banks, lenders and enterprises on the market today.

A true debt management and collections system trusted by leading lenders for more than 14 years. This highly secure cloud-based platform seamlessly delivers a personalized experience to your customers. Maximize revenue recovery and shorten the customer payment journey.

Key features that set our platform apart

Smart pre-trained machine learning

Provide a one-on-one experience at scale. Our award-winning technology constantly adapts with experience, creating a customized end-to-end experience for your customers and agents to optimize dollars collected.

Omnichannel orchestration made simple

Increase collection rates by contacting your customers through their channel of choice. Our omnichannel platform enables flexible and configurable communication across all channels including email, SMS, voice and print.

Sophisticated, easy to use strategy engine

Our strategy engine combines powerful decision-tree and workflow capabilities in one unified platform, allowing you to design personalized interactive customer experiences that quickly deliver higher collection rates.

"I have implemented this system in two large consumer lending environments, and its ability to drive efficiency through automated and customized contact strategies are the best I have seen."


Katabat Client

Customer Success Stories

Discover how Finvi clients are using Katabat, our collection software for banks, lenders and enterprise to improve productivity and results.

Automated Workflow & Decisioning

Automated Workflow & Decisioning "Reduced Application Approval Time from 2 Weeks to 5 Minutes."

Working closely with humm group, we embedded automated workflow and decisioning for application assessment and approval.

The Katabat solution proved to be easy to use for humm group customers and its agents-which proved a good match with the company's philosophy.

Katabat Client Reduces Delinquencies

Katabat Client Reduces Delinquencies by 150 Basis Points.

After performing side-by-side comparisons with other solutions, our client chose to deploy Katabat, a complete end-to-end omnichannel debt collection platform.

From strategy to delivery, Katabat enables a truly customer-centric approach, including customizable messaging, tone and settlement offers, which means delivering the right message through the customers' preferred channels. All of this made choosing Katabat an easy decision.

Capital Services

Capital Services "On Track to Save Millions in Reduced Charge Offs with Katabat Omnichannel Strategy."

After evaluating three other solutions, Capital Services deployed Katabat, a complete end-to-end omnichannel debt collection platform.

From strategy to delivery, Katabat enables a truly customer-centric approach, including configurable messaging templates for cardholder outreach and collecting payments in a cardholder's preferred channels, built with compliance in mind.


Built-in compliance for your peace of mind

Mitigate risk with full compliance and auditability

To reduce risk and maintain compliance, our fully auditable built-in compliance engine lets you customize rules for every jurisdiction.

Robust security and data protection

Protect your data and your reputation with our robust security

Ransomware and cyberattacks are increasingly commonplace. That's why the Katabat platform adheres to several advanced security standards and regulations, including PCI DSS, SOC 2 and GDPR.


Embedded payment processing

An easier, more secure way to collect

Finvi's Payment Solution is embedded directly into our Katabat platform to help you eliminate your biggest costs, delays, and risks. By providing simplified pricing, streamlined operations, faster innovation, and enhanced support, our all-in-one solution increases revenue recovery and efficiency.

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