Advanced, AI-Driven Workflow

Discover how Finvi’s solutions, enhanced with advanced AI and RPA technology, provide the automation and insights that will help you transform your collections and recovery strategies.

Improve collections strategies. Increase payments.

Finvi's innovative, AI-driven workflow platforms — enhanced with artificial intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) — are built to help ARM, Healthcare and Government organizations improve staff efficiency and accelerate revenue recovery.


Breath new life into your accounts

Dynamic scoring and explainable AI

Finvi's explainable AI technologies leverage your historical consumer data coupled with available data sources to determine an individual's propensity to pay score and best time to call, while simultaneously evaluating staff behaviors and refreshing your accounts on a weekly basis.

This dynamic scoring method, which uses machine learning algorithms, provides a more holistic view of consumer behavior than that of a static, credit score-based model.

Key features of our AI-driven workflow


Propensity to Pay


Best Time to Call


RPA Technology

Optimize your campaign strategies and increase your collection potential by using alternative data sources (spending behavior, social media activity, online presence, etc.) to get a better understanding of your consumers' ability to pay.

Prioritize accounts and make the most out of your opportunities to contact your consumers by understanding the most likely time for successful outreach.

Exception-based workflows with RPA- and AI-driven technologies drive intelligent automation of account presentation and repetitive task completion, increasing the value of your workforce by creating the capacity to do more.

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7 Reasons Why Explainable AI Is Both Essential and Safe for ARM Agencies

Artificial intelligence (AI) is generating a lot of interest in the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry. It’s also raising concerns about potential liability. ARM leaders recognize the benefits AI can bring, but they’re hesitant to take that big leap into the unknown.

Yes, the typical “black box” AI approach is unknown, and unknowable, to most users. Fortunately, explainable AI—a completely transparent model that’s tailor-made for the highly regulated ARM industry—offers all of the collecting power and efficiency agencies want and none of the perceived risk that’s holding them back.

AI in healthcare

AI in the Healthcare Industry: Benefits to RCM Operations


The growth of artificial intelligence (AI) has dominated the news recently. However, much of the discussion centers around the negative aspects of AI. Words such as “danger” and “risks” and “warning” dominate Google search results around AI. Many in the healthcare industry share these sentiments. They worry about the negative aspects of AI on the industry, specifically as it pertains to clinical outcomes. However, operational areas of hospitals and health systems, including RCM departments, could benefit from AI.

text to pay

One Step Ahead: Adopt Texting to Embrace Your Future Digital Citizens

Government agencies are adopting digital channels to communicate with citizens as well as enable constituents to pay bills, make appointments, and conduct a myriad of other business. And your constituents, armed with smartphones and other smart devices, have embraced these tools. While online payments, self-service portals, and the like are acceptable for your current constituents, it’s incumbent upon these agencies to get ready to adopt technologies that meet the requirements of the next generation of digital citizens.

For many, the answer should be…texting. Here’s why.

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