Finvi's End-to-End Revenue Recovery Platform

Remove barriers and ease the friction and discomfort of being asked to pay, driving increased payments and account resolution without compromising.

The Human-Centered, Intelligent Collections Platform

Transforming the payment journey

Workflow Automation

Automate repetitive tasks and free up valuable time for higher yield activities.

Flexible Online Payments

Streamline and simplify your processes from beginning to end with our fully embedded modern, flexible payment capabilities.

Omnichannel Engagement

Seamlessly combine digital and traditional channels. Reach your contacts in their channel of choice.

Advanced Segmentation

Leverage AI to identify and contact your highest-potential accounts at the most opportune time.

A collections platform that creates real impact, really fast!


Meet Goals in 6 Months


In Revenue Recovery Rate


In Consumer Connections

The Right Revenue Recovery Platform for Your Organization

Finvi for Healthcare

Healthcare providers and revenue cycle outsourcers leverage Finvi’s data-driven, centralized RCM workflow solution to maximize resources and accelerate financial outcomes – delivering a humanized financial experience and transforming the payment journey for staff, clients and patients.

Finvi for ARM

Account Receivables Management organizations use Finvi’s human-centered, intelligent workflow platform to transform the payment journey for consumers while accelerating revenue and managing regulatory risk. Both first-party and third-party organizations leverage our end-to-end collections platform to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

"...the platform that allow us to bring innovative thoughts and ideas to the market."


Tom Yoder | Director of Business Development at BC Services

What Our Clients Are Saying...

“Before making our final decision to go with Simplicity Collections Software, we test-drove several other software platforms…Simplicity has proven through the years to be one of the finest business decisions we’ve made. They provide excellent customer service and have proven to be a valued business partner. I highly recommend Simplicity.”
DB Debt Recovery
“We anticipate a significant ROI on our Katabat investment… Based on current trending, we are on track to save millions from reduced charge offs.”
Matt Nissen
Operations Risk Manager Capital Services
“We saw huge efficiency gains in the first hour. We’ve since seen our newest account representatives hit the ground running… even surpassing some of our more seasoned employees. On every important measure, we continue to see results that amaze us.”
Kimberlee Smallwood
Site Director for A/R Follow-Up GetixHealth
“Over 16 years of working with them, we know what to expect. Finvi has a proven record of providing excellent services and support… When Finvi comes out with a new application, I want to take advantage of it because I know not only will I get real-time integration, but I will also get the partnership and support that I need.”
Chris Taylor
Controller and Chief Information Officer at NES
"Artiva HCx is really the platform that allows us to bring innovative thoughts and ideas to the market.”
Tom Yoder
Director of Business Development at BC Services

Workflow Automation

Pre-delivered workflows | Standardized processes

Get better results with less effort and focus more on what matters. Our collections platform allows you to create highly efficient and powerful workflows that simplify and streamline your recovery process.


Flexible Online Payments

Real-time payments | Secure portal

Offer secure, modern, flexible payment capabilities. With Finvi Payments, you’ll increase satisfaction and loyalty by arming your clients with the frictionless, digital payment options that patients and consumers have come to demand.

Omnichannel Engagement

Consumer, patient and constituent communications

Meet your consumers, patients and constituents where they are. Our platform increases contact success and speed of payments with consumer-preferred digital contact methods and self-service channels.

Reach your contacts through their channel of choice.
Our segmentation models help increase productivity and success

Advanced Segmentation

Propensity to pay | Best time to call

Better segment consumers, patients and constituents by likelihood of making contact. Our AI-based segmentation algorithms leverage your historical consumer data and couple it with additional data sources to identify which accounts to work and the best time to make contact.

Discover how Finvi is making workflow and payments INTELLIGENT