Finvi's Revenue Cycle Management System for Healthcare Providers

Growing insurance complexities and increasingly complicated revenue cycle tasks make the need for intelligent, centralized workflows more important than ever. Empower your workforce and improve the patient financial experience with Finvi's revenue cycle management system.

Artiva HCx revenue cycle management system

Accelerate the path to resolution and improve both patient and staff satisfaction with our end-to-end revenue cycle management system

The challenges facing providers are infinite, but with Finvi's Artiva HCx revenue cycle management system, you can deliver a humanized financial experience and improve results that span the revenue cycle continuum.

Learn how-through workflow automation and performance transparency-our revenue cycle management system helps you increase both in-office and remote staff productivity, automate and centralize workflow, reduce denials, and create a personalized patient experience.


Streamline workflows with intelligent, centralized automation

Workflow automation

Free up staff for higher yield activities through exception-based redundant task automation driven by RPA and AI technologies. Reduce denials and write-offs by automating and optimizing presentation of these accounts, configured to meet your unique financial procedures with our end-to-end insurance follow-up, denial management, and self-pay workflow automation platform.

Complete E2E experience

Make intelligent business decisions through root cause analysis spanning the revenue cycle continuum.  Along with our solutions' system agnostic bi-directional integration, we help you create a seamless workflow environment that is adaptable to meet the unique needs of your business office.

Empower your workforce through transparency

Staff productivity

When you seamlessly integrate multiple systems into a single platform, you eliminate the navigation slowdowns that hamper your staff, helping them maximize their performance as well as optimizing their workflows and decision-making efforts. And with bult in workflow protocols easily accessible to staff working in both office and remote workplace environments, you can significantly improve process adherence.

Performance visibility

Artiva HCx dashboards provide easily digestible visualizations of performance KPIs at the account rep, supervisor, and enterprise level. Coupled with our superior workforce management tools to supervise, coach, and improve remote and in-office staff performance, Finvi's revenue cycle management systems ensure your teams can achieve success.


Humanize the patient financial experience

Personalized financial engagement

With communication method and frequency tailored to each individual patient, your personalized outreach approach fosters timely self-service responses. Our end-to-end revenue cycle management system offers flexible payment options adapted to their individual affordability threshold, putting the patient in control of their financial decision making.

Advanced segmentation strategies

Our unique scoring model goes beyond a static credit score, enriching your patient profiles with alternative data sources so you get a more in-depth understanding of their current financial capacity. Drive the highest probability of payment with dynamic propensity to pay and best time to contact information prioritized directly into your contact strategies.

With Artiva, "you do work more accounts, and you are effecting the bottom line: decreasing controllable loss and better management for your inventories."

Senior Project Manager
$9.3 B Net Patient Revenue Health System

We offer a streamlined revenue cycle management system to meet your every need


Workforce Performance Management

Real-time performance insights


Patient Financial Engagement

Omnichannel patient engagement that drives self-service


Reporting & Analytics

Easily digestible visualization of KPI's

Workforce Performance Management

Equipped to support a remote workforce as well as in-office staff, Finvi's revenue cycle management system allow you to create an environment where your employees receive the support they need to be successful. Let us help you empower your account team by providing your managers with tools they need to actively supervise, coach, and improve staff performance, whether at home or in the office.

Patient Finance Engagment

Our embedded patient engagement tools help consolidate billing and personalize outreach to support your patients' understanding of their financial responsibility. With communication methods and frequency tailored to each individual patient, along with convenient payment options that drive patient self-service, your staff can focus on accounts that require human intervention, speeding the path to payment.

Reporting & Analytics

Finvi's revenue cycle management systems give you performance metrics at your fingertips. You'll gain transparency across the organization at both account representative and supervisor levels, giving you the necessary tools to drive end-user productivity, maintain staff and patient satisfaction, and develop a white-glove financial services team.

Discover the power of Finvi's revenue cycle management system