Power lasting returns, unleash agent performance and grow with confidence with Velosidy, Finvi's new SaaS collections and payments platform.

40 %
Increase in agent performance
10 %
Increase in revenue

A modern SaaS collections platform

Velosidy embodies all the essential attributes of a modern platform

Scalable configurations - A platform that allows flexibility to implement your secret sauce 

Open APIs - Easily connect to new disruptive technologies that drive business results

Always up-to-date - Immediate access to new features and functionality while eliminating time and labor to upgrade

Machine learning - RPA, AI & machine learning to enable workflow automation

Real-time insights - Analytics and reporting to measure agency performance and identify opportunities 

Intuitive UX - Modern design that increases agent speed and drives a positive user experience


Increase revenue and decrease your cost to collect


Onboard new customers in rapid fashion so your revenue keeps pace with your ambitions.

Future Proof

Future-proof your business with monthly release cadence from single-instance, multi-tenant design that provides faster innovation. 

Collectors' Efficiency

Increase your collectors' efficiency with automated workflows that you can easily configure to your preferred process. 

IT Overhead

Save significant IT overhead in hardware and security management costs with the efficiencies of SaaS, which will support resource relocation to revenue generating activities.

Always up-to-date Compliance

One version of software means it's always up to date with the latest features and compliance guiderails - you'll never have to take an upgrade to reap the benefits of the latest improvements.

Best-of-breed security

Velosidy is hosted in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and has strict identity and device verification processes for cloud access.

TCO reductions that drive ROI

Findings across early adopters reveal trends in total cost of ownership (TCO) reductions that drive ROI. 

Share of TCO reduction by major category

*(Admin Labor) Labor associated with additional legal, reporting, and compliance efforts necessitated by legacy solution.

ACS Shares Velosidy Go-Live Experience

“Our support staff is very excited about the fact that a lot of what they had to do manually in the past is now automated, which saves them a lot of time. It took very, very little time to get them accustomed to the new system.” – Jason Neel, CEO, Associated Credit Services

Early Adopter First Look

“Compared to what we’re used to, it’s efficient. The workflow, the seamless integrations with outside vendors. All of those platforms will make everything a lot easier than what we’re used to today.” – Lynne Wisehart, President and COO, RSI Enterprises

Velosidy Early Adopters Share Insights

“Instead of training your your collectors to use your system, the system’s been trained to understand what your collectors are trying to do.” – Heath Morder, Director of Operations, RSI Enterprises