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Finvi's Revenue Cycle Management Software accelerates financial outcomes and transforms the payment journey for your staff, clients, and patients.

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Finvi's revenue cycle management software solution is driven by the latest AI/ML and RPA technology, and the result is increased productivity, automated and centralized workflow, reduction in denials, and a more  personalized patient experience.

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Patient Pay Accounts

Annual Impact

Projected Savings

$1,097,614 Low End
$1,536,659 High End

Lift in total sum of accounts worked

120,000 Low End
168,000 High End

*These numbers are for demonstration only and account for some assumptions. Contact us for a more comprehensive and customized savings estimate.

RCM Software for Healthcare Providers

See how Artiva HCx advances your technology investments by connecting individual point solutions through intelligent workflows - transforming the revenue cycle experience for staff and patients.

Healthcare Providers
Healthcare Outsourcers

RCM Software for Healthcare Outsourcers

See how Artiva HCx paves a more direct path to resolution through data-driven decision making, results acceleration, and resource maximization.

Finvi Accelerates Results:
Nearly 90% of Clients See Positive Outcomes Within 6 Months


Claims Follow-up Efficiency


Patient Payment Rate


Accounts Worked per Hour

Finvi Ranks #1 in 2023 Black Book Revenue Cycle Workflow Optimization Solutions

For the second year in a row, Black Book™ Research findings place Finvi as a best overall provider in the category of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) Workflow Optimization solutions. Black Book collected survey responses from almost 5,000 reps from hospitals and physician practices to determine the top-performing vendors in several categories.

Finvi Receives High Client Satisfaction Scores in KLAS Spotlight Report

Finvi has been featured in a recently published KLAS® Research Spotlight Report which examines Finvi's overall client experience and satisfaction with its Artiva HCx® solution. The report highlights that almost 90% of interviewees achieve outcomes within 6 months, with clients noting increased productivity, and improved efficiency and quality through streamlined workflows.

Streamline Workflows with a Unified Revenue Cycle Solution

System agnostic, our solution aggregates account-level data into a single workflow platform - reducing data navigation slowdowns and increasing performance.

System Agnostic

Finvi's platform aggregates data from any EHR, PM, or point solution to create a single source to access the data they need to get the results you expect.

Workforce Performance Management

Real-time performance insights enable teams to shift focus and priorities based on real-time needs, driving improved process adherence and quality assurance.

Unified Actionable Data Insights

Finvi's easily digestible dashboards provide end users, supervisors, and decision makers with the data they need to drive business decisions.

Scalable and Repeatable

Plug 'n play configurations speed up onboarding of employees and clients. Our simple UI minimizes learning curves so you start seeing results quickly across your account portfolio.

Revenue Cycle Acceleration

Intelligent workflow automation coupled with a humanized financial experience eliminates redundancies and drives self-service to accelerate results.

Reduce Denials and Write-offs

RPA tech improves the submission and follow up process, reducing human error and increasing the speed to resubmit — the result is increased revenue and an improved patient financial experience.

Improve Productivity

Increased patient self-service expands bandwidth to work accounts requiring intervention while automation, data aggregation, and superior workforce management tools increase the number of accounts worked.

Purposeful Automation

Exception based workflows with RPA- and AI-driven technologies drive intelligent automation of account presentation and repetitive task completion, increasing the value of your workforce by creating the capacity to do more.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Our RCM Software Platform…

“We saw huge efficiency gains in the first hour. We’ve since seen our newest account representatives hit the ground running… even surpassing some of our more seasoned employees. On every important measure, we continue to see results that amaze us.”
Kimberlee Smallwood
Site Director for A/R Follow-Up GetixHealth
“Over 16 years of working with them, we know what to expect. Finvi has a proven record of providing excellent services and support… When Finvi comes out with a new application, I want to take advantage of it because I know not only will I get real-time integration, but I will also get the partnership and support that I need.”
Chris Taylor
Controller and Chief Information Officer at NES
"Artiva HCx is really the platform that allows us to bring innovative thoughts and ideas to the market.”
Tom Yoder
Director of Business Development at BC Services

Advanced Segmentation Strategies and Analytics

Understand who is likely to pay and the best time to call

Enrich your patient profile with alternative data sources to gain an in-depth understanding of each patient's financial capacity, and leverage our ML- and AI-driven, dynamic P2P segmentation to prioritize accounts and drive the highest probability of payment.

Personalized Patient Engagement

Omnichannel orchestration made simple

Accelerate the path to resolution through automated, personalized, omnichannel patient engagement that drives self-service. Our embedded solution expands bandwidth for staff to focus on accounts requiring human intervention.


Mitigate the Workforce Crisis

Increase end-user productivity and enhance performance visibility

Increase payer follow-up results through an optimized payer calling experience and like account groupings to work more accounts per payer phone call. Streamlined data capture and visualization reduce the manual efforts associated with working complex claims. With tools that supervise, enable, and improve results from remote or in office workplace environments, you empower your staff to work at the top of their license.

Embedded Healthcare Payment Solution

Finvi's Online Healthcare Payment Solution can help you achieve your goals. Integrating our secure, modern, flexible payment capabilities to create an end-to-end revenue cycle management solution offers many important benefits.


Customer Success Stories

Discover how Finvi's clients leverage our RCM solution to improve productivity and their bottom line.

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BC Services Increases Volume of Placements by 10x and Improves Revenue Recovery Rate by 20%

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