KLAS Emerging Technology Spotlight: Finvi/Artiva HCx

Optimizing Insurance and Self-Pay Results through Automated Workflow and Performance Management

Many healthcare organizations turn to Finvi and our Artiva HCx solution to help them optimize their revenue cycle operations.

In this Emerging Technology Spotlight report, KLAS Research surveyed current Finvi clients to rate their overall experience and level of satisfaction, the performance of their Artiva HCx solution, and how well we deliver desired outcomes.

With 90% of clients reporting they would buy the Artiva HCx solution again, respondents cited increased productivity and improved workflow, unique features and workflows, and quality support as some of Finvi’s top strengths.

“If I were talking to a prospective client, I would tell them the solution is an absolute home run. We could not imagine operating without the solution. The vendor truly does well with their workflow organizer, and they are the only ones out there that I am aware of. The vendor is uniquely positioned with the solution.” —Director, September 2022

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