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You don’t have to live with growing costs and shrinking margins​

Experience next-generation efficiency and drive recovery rates sky high with the industry’s most complete, human-centric receivables platform​


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The ARM Industry’s Only “One Stop” Collections Ecosystem: Your Key to Greater Efficiency, Collecting Power, and Control​

Whether a first-party collector or third-party outsourcing agency, you demand faster, smarter, more streamlined receivables operations that drive more revenue without excessive costs. You need better control over compliance and security. And you want the payments you’re pursuing seamlessly integrated into your core system. ​

This is precisely why we’ve built the industry’s only holistic, intelligent, all-in-one collections ecosystem. Powered by artificial intelligence and grounded in unparalleled industry expertise, our collections platforms are built for one focused reason: clearing a path to your required business results.​

Transforming the Receivables Payment Journey – for Your Staff and the Consumers You Engage ​

Collect Compliantly ​

All contacts and account updates flow throughout the workflow ecosystem in real time to help ensure compliance with laws and regulations that impact your operation.​

Work Productively​

Dynamic, transparent account scoring and workflow analytics powered by AI and machine learning allow for continuous refinement of collection strategies.​

Recover More Revenue​

Convenient, flexible contact management and payment tools meet consumers where they are - increasing likelihood of payment.​

Exert Less Effort​

Automation at every stage ensures that your people are spending time on value added activities and not needlessly spinning cycles on activities with no visible line of site to payment.

Discover the platform that 8 of the 10 largest ARM agencies build their business on ​

Omnichannel Consumer Engagement​

Auto-dialer | IVR | Text | Email | Letters | Payment Portal

Unified Payments

Payment Plans | ACH | Credit Card | Text-to-Pay​ | Consumer Payment Fee

AI & Machine-Learning​

Account Prioritization​ | Propensity-to-Pay​ | Best Time to Contact

A Partner You Can Trust

Collection agencies and enterprises across the U.S. trust Finvi to help them lower operating costs, process payments faster, and develop compliant, effective consumer communication strategies.

Collection Functionality

What advanced processes are you missing? What aspects of your collections process are burdening your team? Finvi provides intelligent, automated  functionality to fill crucial gaps across  your operation – improving both  your top and bottom lines.

Each element of our collections platform is built to operate seamlessly as part of our holistic, intelligent, “one stop” collections ecosystem, making it easy to implement, deploy, and use – without complicating compliance.

Stay on Top of Your Biggest Compliance Risks

For third-party ARM agencies, maintaining compliance today has never been more critical, or more ambiguous—and you need to be sure the information you receive is reliable. That's why Finvi's Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer Rozanne Andersen is dedicated to providing resources that you can trust.

As former general counsel, director of government affairs, and CEO of the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals (ACA), Rozanne is passionate about putting her experience to work helping ARM leaders navigate change and complexity, strengthen their operations, and advance their business goals.

“We needed a solution with the flexibility to allow for quick, agile changes in strategy, and Finvi was the consistent answer.”

– Dave Hoeft, Founder | Phoenix Financial Services

Take Advantage of Finvi’s Collections DNA to Enhance Your Operations

Our partnership with you starts with industry-leading technology solutions, but it doesn’t end there. We’re with you for the long haul, focused on helping you realize significant business value. Whether you need advisory services, customization, employee training, or technical expertise, we’re here to help your business achieve optimal performance and results.

Collection Agency Unlocks $10,000+ in Payments in the First Three Weeks

After nearly 30 years in business, Beacon Services, LLC had grown to serve a wide range of clients. But the agency’s inability to accept ACH and credit card payments made it increasingly difficult to collect. Consumers who wanted to make convenient electronic payments weren’t able to—and, in many cases, lost interest in settling their debts.

Beacon had all but given up on finding a suitable payment processing partner until learning that Finvi offered an embedded payments solutions After a simple upgrade, the agency was off and running—with a massive surge in new payments and a more streamlined operations.

‘Explainable’ AI Is Transforming the ARM Industry

When we think about the future of xAI, we know we’re only starting to scratch the surface of its potential. Machine Learning and AI can have strong impacts in Payments, Risk, as well as Segmentation and Workflow. For example, AI-driven segmentation can yield a dynamic scoring model tailored to your agency - creating an ever-evolving portfolio of accounts and increased collection potential.

There are immediate opportunities, but this is nowhere near an exhaustive list. 

As xAI continues to drive more efficient workflows and previously unattainable results, transparency - particularly in highly regulated business environments - becomes paramount. Management needs a clear throughline from investment to value. As a leader in xAI, Finvi provides not only the resources, but the partnership to create consensus and buy-in on the power it has to shape a business.

Discover why features such as dynamic scoring using xAI is unique, how it works, and what it means for the ARM industry.

Put Our Experience to Work – Finvi’s Professional Services​

At Finvi, we remain in relentless pursuit of growing a best-in-class, human-centered receivables platform. As your business grows and evolves we recognize your needs do as well. That’s why we offer professional services – so that you can deploy 40+ years of ARM industry experience and insight. We’ll provide the knowledge and support you need to get a running start with our technologies and find hidden opportunities to drive more value for your business.​

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