Success Story

Summit Software Technologies Attain 100% Client Retention on Finvi Payments

Business Challenge

Summit Software Technologies has built a reputation in the RCM industry as a leading partner to over 300 physician practices and healthcare organizations throughout the nation. Healthcare providers of all sizes and specialties use Summit’s add-on products with their athenaPractice system to help them successfully recover their revenue.

One major tenet of their client-first philosophy is the diligence they use to consider feedback as they plan their strategic vision. Because of their commitment to honor the client’s voice, they were quick to act when they noticed a particular theme: clients wanted to take credit card payments and post them instantly.

"We were focused on making payments an easy process for patients,” said Eric Whicker, President and CEO of Summit Software Technologies. “The ease of use in Finvi’s platform was a great fit.”


Strategy & Goals

Patients make payments directly in Summit’s athenaPractice add-on with an integration to the Finvi Payments solution that is seamless and invisible to the patient. While other payment portals can present barriers with an array of usernames and passwords, the Finvi Payments solution requires only simple information the patient will have readily available, such as email address, mobile number or patient ID, making the login process easier. With greater access to payment tools, providers benefit from a higher rate of account revenue recovered.

Finvi’s platform does not solely help patients—practices also experience advantages by using the bidirectional payment integration. While its ease of use improves recovery rates, the opportunity to automatically record payments and reconcile accounts using custom automation improves the data’s integrity, saving time for staff who would have previously had to reconcile accounts manually.


Summit’s top priority is ensuring their healthcare practices are satisfied with their partnership and with the solutions they offer. Whicker reported that in the five years Summit has partnered with Finvi, not a single client has left the Finvi payment platform — a 100% customer retention rate.


About Summit Software Technologies

Summit Software Technologies, a systems-based software provider and leading developer of athenaPractice add-on solutions, serves a customer base of over 300 physician practices/healthcare organizations.

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