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UC Health Partners with Finvi to Create Scalable Workflow Environment Contributing to Greater Patient Care

Business Challenge

For 18 years, UC Health has been leveraging Finvi’s Artiva HCx solution to manage its patient-pay portfolio, incoming scheduling and unattended messaging. During that time, UC Health highly customized its use of Artiva HCx alongside its electronic health record (EHR) system.

In addition to leveraging Artiva HCx, UC Health was relying on its EHR system to identify unpaid accounts for dialing while using oversimplified pools, leading to some accounts being needlessly worked multiple times, while others were falling through the cracks and not being worked at all. Its homegrown customizations did not fully leverage Artiva HCx’s workflow capabilities to build and identify work queues based on account details, putting account representatives in the difficult position of managing multiple unclassified account touches. This created frustration for staff and patients alike, clearly demonstrating that something needed to change.

After deciding to expand its use of Artiva HCx to manage insurance verification and denials workflows, UC Health recognized that its homegrown customizations and piecemealed workflows were preventing the organization from being able to grow. “We ended up with something more complicated than it needed to be. We needed to leverage Artiva HCx to its full potential,” said Matt Boyle, RCM Support Analyst for UC Health.

Strategy & Goals

UC Health enlisted help from Finvi’s consultative professional services department. With Finvi’s help, UC Health was able to assess its current state, identify its desired future state, and close the gaps that existed between the two. “Finvi provided robust documentation outlining its recommendations. From there, we could follow the natural progression of implementing solutions to realize our vision,” said Matt Carmack, Collections Manager, UC Health.


Finvi’s robust documentation provided several best practices for streamlining our environment. From there, we could follow the natural progression of implementing solutions to realize our vision.

Matt Carmack | Collections Manager

UC Health


The first major change was moving Artiva HCx from Workstation to Webstation, which allowed users to access Artiva HCx through a web browser rather than a desktop application that required installation on each user’s desktop. By upgrading this environment, UC Health was able to stay on the cutting edge, easily taking advantage of support offerings and quickly adopting newly released features.

Next, it configured Artiva HCx to further identify and segment the accounts that required human intervention. Finvi’s team implemented a series of steps and expanded phase and status fields to redefine data strategies so that the EHR system and Artiva HCx could work in concert. Now, the UC Health team could easily identify the revenue lifecycle status of each account and separate them into calling campaigns accordingly. By using the full workflow capabilities of Artiva HCx, managers had greater insight into patient-pay accounts that were being worked and what transpired on each call. This new level of transparency removed roadblocks, allowing agents to make informed calls, and reducing contentious calls with patients due to faulty data. After implementing HCx Webstation, UC Health experienced a 6% decrease in Patient Pay AR days, and a 15.8% increase in average yield per call. With newly expanded status and phase codes, UC Health can scale as it seeks to develop its insurance follow-up and denial management workflows, enabling it to create a full picture of the patient’s account lifecycle.

The added ability to organize accounts by status greatly improved the overall freshness of the data passed between the EHR system and Artiva HCx. Additionally, representatives began calling at the guarantor level rather than simply the account level, making the call strategy more efficient, as they can group accounts with the same guarantor. With these improvements, UC Health reported increased inventory as well as improved patient and employee satisfaction. In addition, better data improved the efficiency of the system’s work queues.

Increase in Average Yield Increase per Call
Decrease in Patient Pay AR Days

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