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One-Stop Shop: Finvi’s Product Suite Helps National Enterprise Systems Improve Agent Productivity by 30%

Business Challenge

In 2004 when National Enterprise Systems (NES) began using their first Finvi contact management solution, they quickly realized what a powerful tool they had. In fact, the contact management solution was so powerful, the workflow and accounts management engine they were using could not keep up. Toggling between a pop-up window and the dialer system duplicated manual data entry, costing agents a significant amount of additional time, and increasing risk for human error.

Using disparate systems was an issue as well, creating gaps as data traveled from one system to the next. “We learned the hard way,” said Chris Taylor, Controller and Chief Information Officer of NES. “Our contacts were not as effective as they could be because separate systems did not give us real-time insight the way we needed to see it.”

Using multiple vendor solutions also inherently created obstacles. Financial institutions must adhere to strict security and compliance regulations when it comes to vendor management. With so many vendors involved, NES was spending countless hours carefully auditing each vendor/solution to ensure they were up to par with standard regulations.


Finvi's xAI solution returns propensity to pay as well as best time to call, but what sets Finvi's solution apart is the dynamic scoring process. While other scores start strong and remain static, Finvi's xAI solution continues to refine the scores over time, which means clients collect more over time as recovery rates remain steady.

In Taylor’s words, “We fell in love with Artiva and Finvi because they not only delivered software; they delivered a full toolset we could use to create a competitive edge.”

The real-time integration allowed the agency to refine their contact strategies. With Reg F, it has become more important than ever to maximize each consumer contact point to remain compliant. Real-time integration between the workflow and the dialer eliminates information gaps that could lead to making the wrong calls.

However, the integration between the workflow and contact management solutions has proven to be just one of the ways Finvi’s product suite has contributed to NES’ success.

Keeping all data with one vendor means NES can quickly and easily access real-time dashboards and reports, allowing them to work smarter, not harder. Most recently, NES also started using Finvi’s integrated payment processing solution, which now provides insight for agents that go beyond payment approval, including real-time visibility into payment amount and other details. By leveraging Finvi’s all-in-one platform, NES has created a collection ecosystem where relevant data is integrated at each point of the account’s journey.

Using a unified solution set also has helped NES trim onboarding costs. Hiring, recruiting, and training create great expense for the business. Using the consolidated platform has enabled a 66% reduction in agent onboarding time.


Agent Onboarding Time
66% Reduction
Agent Productivity
30% Improvement

A Proven Relationship

NES continues to invest in Finvi solutions because of a solid relationship the companies have built. According to Taylor, “Over 16 years of working with them, we know what to expect. Finvi has a proven record of providingexcellent services and support.”

Taylor said there have been many occasions when the Finvi support and services teams have gone the extra mile to provide excellent service and gather his feedback, crediting this type of open communication and expertise as important for innovation and growth.

Perhaps most important to Taylor is how Finvi’s history of excellence mitigates one business problem NES was facing with disparate vendors: compliance. Finvi performs consistently high on security and compliance audits, giving NES peace of mind that they will provide the highest quality of service to their own clients.

As for the future, as NES plans to grow, so do their plans to continue to invest in Finvi’s solutions.


When Finvi comes out with a new application, I want to take advantage of it because I know not only will I get real-time integration, but I will also get the partnership and support that I need.”

Chris Taylor | Controller and CIO

National Enterprise Systems

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