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Eliminate fees disappearing every month from expired cards or failed card numbers

According to a PMNTS.com report, 3.6% of payment arrangements break each month because the card on file has expired or has been reported lost or stolen. Businesses can eliminate this issue with the Account Updater feature in Finvi Payments.  This feature automatically checks the card status every time we process it to see if new information is available. If so, we automatically replace the old information with the new, enabling an uninterrupted payment process.

Check out this ROI calculator to see how much you could save with Finvi Payments!

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* Disclaimer: Savings guarantee is valid for 6 months of payment processing. Monthly savings based on 1.5% of fees Finvi customer charges their client due to unbroken payment plans using Account Updater to avoid credit card expirations. Monthly savings guarantee will be determined based on Finvi's review of client's financial statements. To receive guaranteed savings, clients must sign contract by September 30th, 2024. Promo ends Q3 (9/30/2024).

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