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Ontario Systems Acquires Katabat to Further Expand its Industry-Leading Collections Footprint

August 23, 2021

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Two of the most respected accounts receivable technology companies come together to offer broadened capabilities and expand presence into new markets


BURLINGTON, Mass. (Aug 23, 2021) – Ontario Systems, a leading provider of enterprise workflow automation software – which accelerates revenue recovery and removes friction from the payments process for clients in the accounts receivable management (ARM), healthcare, and government markets – today announced its acquisition of Katabat, a leading cloud-based collection platform providing cutting edge solutions to debt resolution for both lenders and borrowers.

Ontario is officially expanding its substantial collections workflow footprint into the $2.5B+ first-party collections market segment—making them one of the few technology companies to serve both first- and third-party collections.

Katabat’s debt collection platform leverages machine learning, a robust strategy engine, and leading compliance capabilities to help businesses ranging from globally recognized lenders to nimble debt collectors improve collection rates, enhance operational efficiencies, and reduce compliance risk. Katabat has grown its customer base to include entities ranging from international banks to leading digital consumer finance companies. Through the acquisition of Katabat, Ontario continues to expand upon the value it brings across the continuum of the accounts receivable market, where it has been the industry’s most dependable collection platform for over forty years.

“As we grow and evolve as a company, we want to continue identifying smart ways to expand upon the value we bring to both our customers as well as our teams,” said Ontario Systems CEO Tim O’Brien. “We see the Katabat acquisition as reinforcing our ambitious strategic growth plan by allowing us to serve a more expansive portion of the accounts receivable market. We are delighted to welcome Katabat’s impressive customer base into the Ontario family and are committed to driving value for them by providing innovative solutions to address their business challenges.”

A CIOReview Top Customer Experience Management recognized company, Katabat’s platform provides customers with a flexible, secure collections solution built by a team of former collections executives with a deep understanding of the industry and its specific needs.

“We are incredibly excited to join Ontario,” said Katabat CEO Ray Peloso. “Their decades-long position as the collections industry leader coupled with their established history of helping customers attain bold business outcomes provides the perfect point from which to expand the reach of the innovative work we have been doing at Katabat.”

This news follows a series of strategic acquisitions by Ontario – most recently the acquisition of Pairity in February of 2021 – as part of the company’s relentless pursuit of increasing customers’ revenue recovery while decreasing the cost required to collect. Ontario’s ongoing growth and SaaS-transformation strategies are designed to deliver faster innovation and increasing business value to thousands of clients nationwide.


About Ontario Systems

Ontario Systems is a premier provider of enterprise technologies that streamline and accelerate revenue recovery for clients in the healthcare, government, and accounts receivable management (ARM) markets. Through process automation and modern, compliance-minded communication and payment tools, Ontario Systems helps its client partners generate more revenue at reduced cost and fulfill their organizational mission by effectively engaging patients, constituents, and consumers.

With offices in the states of Indiana, Massachusetts, New Mexico, and Washington as well as employees across the country, Ontario Systems is building on 40 years of success using a distinctly client-centric approach to innovation and service. A recognized brand in the revenue cycle management (RCM) market, Ontario Systems helps 600+ hospital networks—including 5 of the 15 largest systems in the US—optimize cash collections and provide a single, satisfying patient financial experience. Ontario Systems also serves 8 of the 10 largest ARM companies in addition to a number of state and municipal governments across the United States.


About Katabat

With more than a decade of experience delivering debt collection solutions to global banks and debt collection agencies, Katabat combines collections and machine learning expertise to help clients engage with customers and increase collections. Katabat partners with lenders and collectors across multiple industries to stay at the cutting edge of debt management, machine learning, automation, regulatory compliance, and data security. To learn more about our full range of debt management products, contact Katabat at


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