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Finvi Launches Revolutionary SaaS Collections and Payments Platform at PowerUp Conference

March 19, 2024

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PowerUp attendees get first full look at Velosidy, the new collections and payments platform for the ARM industry

SAVANNAH, GA (March 19, 2024)Finvi, a leading provider of enterprise workflow automation software built to accelerate revenue recovery and simplify the payment process, is unveiling its new collections and payments platform, Velosidy, at PowerUp, the collection industry’s premier education and networking event occurring this week in Savannah, Georgia.

PowerUp brings Finvi’s healthcare and accounts receivable management (ARM) clients together to discuss the latest industry trends, topics driving change for their businesses, and the newest advancements in Finvi’s products. Existing ARM clients and interested parties across the industry will learn firsthand about the platform’s benefits during informative sessions, which include product demonstrations, ROI case studies, and early adopter success stories.

“We are thrilled to gather with our clients and partners at our annual PowerUp event here in Savannah,” said Tim O’Brien, Finvi’s CEO. “In particular, we’re excited to officially launch Velosidy and let our clients see for themselves just how transformative the solution can be for their business. The new SaaS platform leverages our decades of industry knowledge, machine learning and a modern architecture. Velosidy was purposely built to help our clients increase overall collections while reducing the cost to collect at the same time. We believe this will shine through in early adopters’ feedback, and we look forward to transitioning more clients to the platform throughout the year.”

Velosidy reduces total cost of ownership by providing savings in IT overhead while also allowing agencies to innovate faster, drive revenue, and future-proof their systems. Its open API architecture connects agencies to their own collections ecosystem, while providing best-of-breed security with a Zero Trust Security approach. Finvi will work with existing and new clients to dramatically reduce implementation time for Velosidy compared to other vendors.

With early adopter clients already live on the platform, the general release will become available to clients and prospective clients beginning later this summer.

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