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Finvi Enhances Artiva RM Platform with Native Payments Solution

October 12, 2023

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BURLINGTON, Mass. (October 12, 2023) – Finvi, a leading provider of enterprise workflow automation software built to accelerate revenue recovery and simplify the payment process, announced that its Finvi Payments solution is now integrated into its industry-leading Artiva RM® platform. This unified all-in-one solution helps accounts receivable management (ARM) departments bridge the gap between their core operating systems and their payments platform.

“This strategic union of our two world-class products fulfills the implicit promise of what it means to have payments and a core application underneath the same umbrella,” said Dan Ward, Vice President, Payments Commercialization at Finvi. “It allows us to accelerate our speed to development, giving us the ability to offer feature and functionality faster because we bridge the gap between the two seamlessly.”

Finvi Payments helps agencies maximize revenue recovery with uninterrupted payment plans, while making manual reversals obsolete and minimizing reconciliation headaches. The industry-leading Finvi Payments solution includes three key features:

  • Account Updater: Card information is automatically checked and updated with new expiration dates and lost or stolen numbers, requiring no consumer action. Account Updater helps keep current payments flowing and enables employees to focus on new accounts.
  • Automatic Payment Reversals: Artiva RM is automatically updated when payments are returned due to insufficient funds or chargebacks, and all reversals can be easily initiated at once via batch file.
  • Advanced Payments Reconciliation Report: Easily reconcile funds deposited in your bank account with payments recorded in Artiva RM, providing visibility to when each payment clears, as well as the amount due to the client.

Because the Finvi Payments platform is native to the Artiva RM solution, Finvi now offers one-of-a-kind automation that helps organizations improve employee efficiency and maximize revenue recovery.

“No longer will organizations have to manually force two disparate systems to be in sync,” said Ward. “This allows them to deploy resources in other creative, value-added ways as opposed to having somebody spend an incredible majority of their time on redundant activities. It frees up individuals to add value to the agency in limitless ways.”

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