Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Ease the Pain of Growing Complexity.

Improve Your Financial Health and Outlook.

For revenue cycle outsourcers, the road ahead is riddled with obstacles

You have ambitious goals for sustainable growth and improved outcomes for your provider clients. But you struggle with layers of complexity. Disparate systems worsen operating inefficiencies, and a lack of actionable data makes it virtually impossible to identify and correct problems that are holding you back.

Get the visibility you need to compete and drive progress

The financial and market success you envision starts with an enterprise-level view. Imagine what you could achieve with a single source of truth for your business—one that enables you to:

  • Aggregate data as you and your clients scale
  • Readily identify productivity and revenue leaks
  • Improve decision making
  • Expand team capacity to work accounts
  • Monitor and manage individual and team performance in real time
  • Lower your cost to collect
  • Recover more cash, more quickly

Learn how other revenue cycle outsourcers are improving their financial health

More than 600 healthcare providers and revenue cycle outsourcers rely on Finvi to help them do more and recover more at less cost. Collectively, our clients manage over $40 billion in receivables each year. With simple solutions designed to complement your existing systems, you can achieve gains you never thought possible.


improvement in collections


Increase in volume of placement

Up to 70%

Patient self service


Uptick per account yield

Up to 80%

Reduction in hold times

“We saw huge efficiency gains in the first hour of implementing this pilot. We’ve since seen our newest collectors hit the ground running…On every important measure, we continue to see results that amaze us.”

Kimberlee Smallwood  |  Site director, A/R follow-up at GetixHealth

See our revenue cycle solutions in action

Let us show you how easy it can be to transform accounts receivable—and improve results over time—with data-driven revenue cycle, patient engagement, and payment solutions built with healthcare outsourcers and their clients in mind.