Personalize the Patient Experience, Accelerate Time to Payments

Introducing the Digital Patient Engagement Solution

Powered by Flywire™

Modernize Collections, Streamline Workflows

Working self-pay accounts usually requires significant manual effort that falls to your account representatives. Segmentation and account-prioritization tools alleviate some tasks, but patients’ demand for digital, self-service solutions prove that traditional collection methods fail to meet patients where they prefer to engage.

The result of this antiquated workflow? Increased costs to collect, inefficient processes, and frustrated patients… and staff.

But there is a solution.

Digital Patient Engagement, powered by Flywire, personalizes each patient’s financial experience, empowering them to own their financial journey by using text, email, and chat, while enabling your organization to:

  • Modernize your self-pay approach
  • Increase collections at decreased cost
  • Improve patient, staff, and client satisfaction

Create Efficiencies and Big Wins for Patients and Your Organization


The Digital Patient Engagement solution embeds directly into Artiva HCx™ and serves as an analytics-driven platform to personalize the financial experience for patients while account reps benefit from a familiar user interface (UI).

Your organization experiences the results of an easy-to-use, self-service patient payment solution that frees reps to focus on accounts that require an extra human touch.