It’s time for ARM organizations to embrace native payment platforms 

Having an all-in-one solution simplifies operations and lowers overall costs

You’re already using Finvi’s workflow solutions to automate repetitive tasks and free up valuable time for higher yield activities. By adding our native payment solution, you can streamline processes and operations, as well as discover additional benefits, including:  

  • Improved ROI and efficiency: Decrease costs and improve your operations by having your entire workflow and payment processing handled by one vendor. 
  • Hassle-free enhancements: Simplify upgrades and new releases. Additional customization for third-party integration is no longer required. 
  • Rapid response: Enjoy quicker resolution to requests, such as limit increases and onboarding new merchant IDs. 
  • Maximized cash flow: Keep your business moving with next-day funding. 
  • Simplified access: Obtain all necessary customer information from a single source.  
  • And much more. 

Accelerated Receivables Solutions

Increase in Account Payments

Accelerated Receivables Solutions (ARS) discovered that it did not have a true picture of consumers, which hindered its ability to successfully collect. ARS ultimately chose Finvi’s Advanced Segmentation solution to gather better and more detailed data.

As a result, ARS experienced: a 120% increase in Account Payments, a 2x Increase in Contact Conversion rate, and an average $ yield from $14 to $30

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Welcome to the Era of Digital Payments

Organizations that haven’t already done so must embrace the digital payments movement, including healthcare providers, government organizations, third-party collection agencies, and more. Doing so will provide a host of benefits for your customers…and your organization. 

Trends 2023: Secure Digital Payments for Struggling Consumers

Digital payments are becoming more commonplace and will become even more so in 2023. And organizations must provide payment solutions that embrace the needs of these digital users, including adapting to consumer financial struggles.  

Organizations must implement innovative solutions that help people better manage their payments. 

How can Finvi’s embedded payments solution help your business?