Understanding Today's Digital Consumer

Myth Busted!

Our survey also debunked a long-held belief about a certain age group and their online activity.
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Survey Results


of respondents prefer to get payment reminders via email.


of respondents prefer to receive bills/statements via email.


of respondents prefer to get payment reminders via text.

Finvi partnered with YouGov to better understand consumer preferences - specifically how they want you to communicate with them and how they want to pay. Here's what we found.

65% of U.S. citizens prefer to make online payments for regular monthly bills, according to a recent YouGov survey of 2,000 U.S. citizens.

Armed with better knowledge of who your consumers are and how they prefer to communicate and pay can help you significantly improve consumer engagement and operational efficiencies and drive revenue growth.

Why it matters

The survey results reflected in this report reveal that today's digital consumers expect the same online conveniences from their financial organizations that they get from their favorite online retailers and in their social lives. And they also expect to be treated as individuals - in a way that is relevant and tailored to them.

The more you know

The Finvi report also includes detailed demographic data, such as education level, age, and income, to give organizations an even more in-depth look at consumers. This comprehensive data is important for organizations as consumer demographics will likely vary among different types of account portfolios as not everyone is comfortable with all channels. With this data, organizations can improve segmentation strategies and customize consumer outreach.

Take a look

Read this report to learn more about the payment preferences of today's digital consumer and how organizations can use this information in their own communication and payment plans.

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Ready to learn more? Then join us for these live webinars where we'll share detailed results from the survey and explore how organizations can use this information to personalize payment strategies and outreach.

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