Artiva RM with Finvi Payments

Finvi Payments is now integrated into our industry-leading Artiva RM® platform.

This unified all-in-one solution helps accounts receivable management (ARM) departments bridge the gap between their core operating systems and their payments platform.

Finvi Payments speeds payments, reduces costs, and strengthens compliance. This translates to simplified pricing, streamlined operations, faster innovation, and enhanced support for your compliance and security requirements.

And our new automatic reversal and reconciliation reporting enhancements are only available with Finvi Payments. This is one-of-a-kind automation and integration that you will not get with any other third-party payment provider.

Account Updater

Account Updater

With Account Updater, card information is automatically checked and updated with new expiration dates and lost or stolen numbers – no consumer action needed.

Save time and money by keeping current payments flowing and enabling your employees to focus on new accounts.

Automatic Payment Reversals

Our workflow solution automatically communicates with Finvi Payments to seamlessly: 

  • Update when a payment is returned due to insufficient funds or chargebacks
  • Create a reversal on the account in the system
  • Allow you to initiate reversals easily via batch file
Enhanced Reconcilation Reporting RM

Advanced Reconciliation Reporting

This new enhancement automatically creates flags on individual transactions in the collection system to let you know the payment has cleared. You can also run an all-in-one report to quickly and easily: 

  • Confirm the trust account where the money was deposited for electronic payments
  • Verify when the money hits the actual bank accounts
  • Validate when a specific payment reaches a certain bank account

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