Discover the ARM industry's only all-in-one collection agency software platform

With the technical and legal demands of the ARM industry constantly evolving, you need a solution that allows you to work safer and smarter-a solution that will help you achieve greater efficiency, collecting power, and control.

That solution is Finvi's intelligent, all-in-one workflow platform. Our collection agency software streamlines workflow by infusing intelligence into your processes to increase efficiency — all while helping you manage compliance by automating it into your workflow to cover to industry, state and federal regulations.

Plus, with a payments platform that is truly native to our workflow solution, Finvi provides one-of-a-kind automation and integration that can save time, money, and a lot of reconciliation headaches.

Workflow Automation

  • Standardized Processes
  • Predefined Workflows
  • Automated Groupings
  • Systems of Record
  • Trust Accouting

Consumer Engagement

  • Text
  • Email
  • Dialer, IVR
  • Letters

Payments Processing

  • ACH/Credit/Debit Card
  • Virtual Terminal
  • Payment Portal
  • Technology Usage Fee

Advanced Segmentation

  • Propensity to Pay
  • Best Time to Call

Unparalleled revenue acceleration

Deploy tailored, omnichannel consumer outreach

Make it easy for your consumers to pay by offering preferred digital contact methods and self-service payment options

Empower your agents to grow revenue

Improve your agents' ability to resolve accounts and speed the path to payment through automated, exception-based workflow and the removal of redundant tasks.

Smarter, streamlined workflow

Infuse intelligence into your workflow

Drive the highest probability of payment and value with our RPA and explainable tech, including dynamic propensity to pay and best time to contact information, all prioritized directly into your contact strategies.

Increase efficiency with our all-in-one platform

Reduce technology overhead, simplify processes and speed onboarding with fewer vendors and integration points.

With our native, built-in payments solution - Finvi Payments - we have taken payment processing to the next level. Get automatic status updates and enhanced reconciliation reporting that is not available with any other 3rd party payments processor.


Agile regulatory readiness

Automate compliance into your workflow

Reduce regulatory risk and help your clients adhere to Reg F guidelines with real-time comprehensive compliance guardrails embedded into the platform.

Rely on our compliance expertise

Tap into unparalleled compliance resources and benefit from Finvi's ongoing organizational leadership and commitment to compliance.

"We fell in love with Artiva and Finvi because they not only delivered software; they delivered a full toolset we could use to create a competitive edge."

Chris Taylor
Controller and Chief Information Officer at NES

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Embedded, Innovative Solutions to Meet All Your Technology Needs


Advanced Segmentation

Breathe new life into your portfolio of accounts

Finvi's explainable AI technologies leverage your historical consumer data coupled with available data sources to determine an individual's propensity to pay (P2P) score and best time to call, while simultaneously evaluating staff behaviors and refreshing your accounts on a weekly basis.

This dynamic scoring method, which uses machine learning algorithms, breathes new life into your portfolios and increases the value of accounts you might not be working today, providing a more holistic view of consumer behavior than that of a static, credit score-based model.

Eliminate Your Biggest Costs, Delays, and Risks

The Finvi Payments solution speeds payments, reduces costs, and strengthens compliance. Designed to work seamlessly with your Finvi collection agency software platform, the Finvi Payments solution responds in real time to account activity, consumer preferences, and changing business rules and regulations.

While you engage consumers through their preferred channels, Finvi controls, maintains, and supports the entire payment process. This translates to simplified pricing, streamlined operations, faster innovation, and enhanced support for your compliance and security requirements.


Digital Financial Engagement

Create a holistic approach to support consumer engagement

Finvi's Digital Financial Engagement solution, powered by RevSpring, provides the only omnichannel solution backed by the industry experience you need to optimize your collections process.

With user-friendly portal, text, and email solutions embedded into your Finvi collection agency software platform, you'll improve your interactions with consumers and minimize your compliance risk while
strengthening your top and bottom lines.

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