Advanced Segmentation Testimonials

Breathe new life into your portfolio of accounts with Finvi’s unique Advanced Segmentation solution

How does it work? Finvi’s AI technologies leverage your historical consumer data coupled with available data sources to determine an individual’s propensity to pay (P2P) score and best time to call, while simultaneously evaluating staff behaviors and refreshing your accounts on a weekly basis.

This dynamic scoring method, which uses machine learning algorithms, breathes new life into your portfolios and increases the value of accounts you might not be working today, providing a more holistic view of consumer behavior than that of a static, credit score-based model.

With Finvi’s Advanced Segmentation solution, our clients are experiencing real results, fast. Here’s what they have to say.


Accelerated Receivables Solutions

120% Increase in Account Payments

Accelerated Receivables Solutions (ARS) discovered that it did not have a true picture of consumers, which hindered its ability to successfully collect. ARS ultimately chose Finvi’s Advanced Segmentation solution to gather better and more detailed data.

As a result, ARS experienced: a 120% increase in Account Payments, a 2x Increase in Contact Conversion rate, and an average $ yield from $14 to $30

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Imagine being a third-party collection agency working for a client where nearly 45% of its accounts had no score. How would you determine which accounts to focus on? How do you segment these to get the maximum value out of the total portfolio potential?

5X Increase in Collections AmSher_ss

That is exactly what AmSher was facing when its president tested Finvi’s Advanced Segmentation solution. Once the solution went live, AmSher saw a 5x increase in its collections in less than 60 days.

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Williams & Fudge, Inc.

Over $1M in revenue generated

Looking to expand from student loan recovery and early intervention and into more types of third-party accounts receivable management, Williams & Fudge, Inc. realized they needed to develop new strategies to collect on these different types of purchased debt. They needed a way to not only score consumers’ propensity to pay, but also to better segment consumers by likelihood of making contact.

Through Finvi’s Advanced Segmentation solution, Williams & Fudge, Inc. experienced an increase in contact rates, allowing their reps to devote more time to working the right accounts at the best times for the consumers. The result was over $1.4 million in revenue generated with the addition of this new line of business.

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