Unlock the Potential of Finvi's Consumer Payment Fee

Increase Payments, Collect Faster and Reduce Risk

With Finvi's embedded payments solution, your agency can now leverage our Consumer Payment Fee feature—allowing you to provide a variety of payment options your consumers can use at their expense.

  • Reduce or eliminate processing costs associated with consumer credit and debit card payments
  • Increase payments and collect faster by providing consumers with easy-to-use instant payment options
  • Enhance compliance and eliminate security concerns with an embedded solution in your collections workflow platform

Designed with your risks in mind, Consumer Payment Fee is the only program that embeds compliance controls in your software, documents the consumer’s authorization, and evidences the difference between an agency-charged processing fee and a SwervePay-charged Consumer Payment Fee.

Eliminate Your Biggest Costs, Delays, and Risks


Our simplified, embedded process for consumer credit/debt card payments captures real-time data so you can:

  • Lower your processing costs compliantly — Our Consumer Payment Fee Feature is designed to reduce risk under the FDCPA regulations.
  • Save time — There's no need to duplicate or upload account, payment method, and payment plan information. Record payment activity once within your workflow solution and let the system's compliance/work rules take over.
  • Communicate compliantly — Automatic, real-time account/payment updates help prevent excessive contacts with consumers.
  • Reduce PCI compliance risk — Consumer and payment data stay safe within the system.

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