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Rediscover The Artiva RM® All‑In‑One Collections Acceleration Solution

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NEW Artiva RM

Debt Collection Software for
Agencies to Help You Automate,
Orchestrate and Accelerate

The new Artiva RM solution is the all-in-one debt collection software platform that allows you to accelerate revenue recovery by orchestrating your consumer outreach and empowering your agents to produce better results, faster — while helping you manage compliance by embedding it directly into your collections process.

Automated Debt Collection
Software That Eliminates Repetitive Tasks

Stop reinventing the wheel. Simplify and streamline your collections process by eliminating frequent, low-value, repetitive tasks. The Artiva RM solution’s intelligent, event-driven workflows allow you to organize your process into a seamless sequence of touch-points that ease your agents’ ability to resolve accounts.

Omnichannel Debt Collection Software
That Ties It All Together

Meet your consumers where they are. Organize outreach by preferred communication channel to improve the consumer experience and increase the likelihood of payment. Prioritize calls and make the most out of your contact opportunities with advanced segmentation tools that provide best time to call and propensity to pay information.

Debt Collection Software That Empowers
Your Agents to Collect More, Faster

Collecting is hard. But the Artiva RM platform removes many of the irritants that drive agent morale down and cause employee turnover. An empowered agent — with all the right tools at their fingertips — is more productive and more prosperous as a result. That means less hiring, onboarding and training, and more collecting.

Reduce Agent Turnover
and Increase Productivity

With the current labor shortage, compounded by the Great Resignation, retaining your agents is more important, and more challenging than ever before.

The Artiva RM platform helps reduce agent turnover by making their work more satisfying, more effective and more productive.

Agent Productivity

We fell in love with Artiva and Finvi because they not only delivered software; they delivered a full toolset we could use to create a competitive edge.

Chris Taylor | NES
Controller & Chief Information Officer

Mitigate Reg F Compliance Risks

The Artiva RM solution builds compliance guardrails directly into your workflow, allowing you the ability to track and maintain compliance with the CFPB’s new “7-in-7” rule by blocking any calls that would exceed the limit.

In addition, the solution provides a detailed contact trail for seamless auditability. For more information on Reg F compliance requirements, download our CFPB toolkit.

Access the toolkit

Go Beyond Traditional Segmentation

The Artiva RM platform’s combination of explainable AI and machine learning, coupled with the ARM industry’s only dynamic scoring model, taps into alternative data sources, allowing you to continually refine contact strategies and optimize collections.

With Best Time to Call and Propensity to Pay, you’re able to identify the most likely time for successful outreach and ensure you’re working the accounts with the highest potential yield.