Finvi's Healthcare Payment Solution
Digitally transforming payments for everyone

Text Payments

Make a payment with a simple text message

Next Day Funding

Maximize your cash flow


End-to-end encryption

Enhance Your Offerings & Empower Your Clients

With text-to-pay convenience and next-day funding capabilities, you can advance your competitive advantage by integrating with our secure, modern, and flexible Healthcare Payment Solution. Increase satisfaction and loyalty by arming providers with frictionless, digital payment options that their patients demand. All while earning money on every transaction in your ecosystem.

API Made Easy

Finvi's Healthcare Payment Solution uses the latest REST architecture principles to facilitate quick, easy integration and access to our APIs. Our Developer Hub provides comprehensive guides and documentation to help you start working with Finvi as quickly as possible, as well as support if you get stuck.

Payments with Just One Text

Payments with just one text - "yes". Modern, user-friendly functionality allows patients to make a payment with a simple text message: "yes". Two-way text capabilities and automatic email/text notifications help meet the demands of a digital world.

Debit Card


Payment Plans

Credit Card


Recurring Payments

Seamless Integration

Taking payments is a necessity, but not one you can afford to waste time worrying about. Our integration with Finvi Payments can help improve your workflow and eliminate payment-processing headaches.

Automatic posting of payment data to your practice management system

Flexible, self-service payment options

Text-to-pay convenience

Next-day funding

Custom branding

Bulk text messaging

Bank Identification Number (BIN) lookup

Security-Backed Payment Processing

End-to-End Encryption

Card data is encrypted at the point of sale and decrypted at Finvi with no additional stops.



Reduce card-present fraud with contact and contactless EMV (chip card) capabilities.


Minimize data breaches by replacing (tokenizing) card data during the payment process, even for recurring transactions.

PA-DSS Validation

Validated under the latest Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) as defined by the PCI council.

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