“It Was a Breath of Fresh Air” — City Employees Relish Ease of RevQ® Implementation

A midsize U.S. city with a population just under 100,000 sought to simplify its operations and better serve constituents with outstanding debts. The RevQ solution from Finvi not only provided the workflow automation and tools the city needed to achieve these outcomes, but also offered a surprisingly pain-free implementation process.

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Clarifying Misunderstandings Around Payment Fees

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released an Advisory Opinion to help clarify what fees third parties...

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Accelerated Receivables Solutions Doubles Yield Per Account Using Finvi’s Advanced Segmentation

In his new role as Director of Business Intelligence at Accelerated Receivables Solutions (ARS), Jason Thompson…

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Better Together: Adding Payments Into Debt Collection

In an era when organizations are struggling to retain employees and properly manage remote workers, it...

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