Government Software Solutions

Our government software solutions help state and local administrations increase operational efficiency and revenue recovery while helping constituents meet their financial and civic obligations and avoid punitive measures.

Government Software Solutions that Simplify
Omnichannel Communication

Easily and effectively reach your constituents via their channel of choice.

Meet the Demands of the Digital Age

In today's digital age, Finvi can help you meet your constituents' demand for frictionless, digital, personal messages, such as text and email.

SMS features both automated batch and individual on-demand messages suitable for any situation.

Enhance Constituent Communication

The RevQ+ omnichannel communication capabilities will allow you to nurture accounts with a communication strategy based on constituent activity and account type.

From the first day a case or citation is created, you can communicate with constituents via their channel of choice (text, email, letter, phone).

Increase Data Integrity

The RevQ+ government software solution provides powerful skip tracing capabilities giving you instant access to public and proprietary data from thousands of proven sources.

Incomplete and inaccurate entries are automatically processed, quickly updating records with the most accurate information possible, including cell phone numbers.

Automate, Simplify and Streamline with RevQ+

Discover what RevQ+ can do for your organization. From eliminating the burden of manual tasks to reducing the need for punitive measures, our solution can help you reach your goals.

Dashboards and Data Visualization

Finvi’s government software solutions help you make informed decisions about your communication and workflow process by giving you a complete understanding of the entire lifecycle of an account or a case.

Actionable Insights

Access to near-real-time data gives you the information you need to create the most effective communication strategy - including the best communication channels and payment options.

Configurable & Personalized

Finvi's team of experts will work with you to create standard reports and dashboards to meet your business needs.

Reporting Made Easy

The RevQ+ platform includes a fully featured SQL reporting tool that allows you to easily build interactive dashboards for complex report generation and distribution in minutes, not hours.

Easy Access

The data provided easily interfaces with your system of record so it can be shared between departments if needed.

Operational Efficiency

Our RevQ+ solution leverages the power of automation to do the heavy lifting for you - reducing manual processes and minimizing staff burnout.

Automated Workflows

Automate tedious, time-consuming routine tasks and the account lifecycle, including sending notices, reminders and confirmations.

Maximize Resources

Increase ROI and reduce the number of staff hours it takes to collect each payment by promoting self-service payment options.

Fully Integrated System

The all-in-one RevQ+ solution easily tracks fees, accounts and payments - allowing you to focus on truly serving your constituents.

Decrease Costs

Reduce monthly expenditure, and even eliminate budget line items, with flexible pricing packages designed to fit your needs.


Sarasota County Improves Operational Efficiency, and Demonstrates Due Diligence to the Legislature

The Sarasota County Clerk of the Circuit Court and County Comptroller's office fulfilled their vision of introducing Compliance as a Service after implementing Finvi's RevQ+® all-in-one compliance engagement platform in October 2020.

Flexible Government Payment Solutions

Finvi's embedded Government Payment Solution allows you to better serve the public, including those without access to banking services.

Modern Payment Options

Offer flexible, modern payment options and plans, including online payment capabilities for fast, easy compliance.

Secure Recurring Payments & Plans

Easily schedule secure recurring payments or set up convenient payment plans to help your constituents meet their financial obligations.

In-Person Flexibility

Establish point of sale (POS) payment terminals at each transaction site to provide added convenience for your more traditional constituents.

Call Center Convenience

PCI-compliant call center available for quick over-the-phone payments.


Looking for Court Case Management Software?

Explore our FullCourt Enterprise™ solution, a complete case management software solution that handles court cases beginning to end with efficiency and compliance in mind.

The Power of Payment Plans

Payment plans are extremely helpful to constituents and enable them to keep their accounts up to date without breaking the bank.

However, these plans can be difficult and time consuming to manage. The RevQ+ automation makes these plans easy to set up and manage.


Actionable Insights

Easy-to-use dashboards give you quick access to the information you need to make data-driven decisions and meet reporting requirements in minutes, instead of hours.

Simplify Revenue Recovery and Increase Constituent Satisfaction